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Our Vision

  • TO Worship the name of Jesus Christ through individual and corporate worship.
  • TO Instruct believers through the word, so the body may grow in the knowledge of the Jesus Christ. Becoming mature disciples equipped to fulfill the measure of the stature, which belongs to the fullness of Christ.
  • TO Fellowship and encouraging one another by building up the church body into a unity of faith.
  • TO Evangelize and Reach our community, state, country, and world by proclaiming the word of God everywhere, loving people as Christ loved the church and believing by faith.

Genesis in Greek is defined as  “The Origin, Creation, or Beginning”. Our doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds who want to have a new beginning. Our weekly Mandate: REACH UP, REACH IN and REACH OUT!

WE REACH UP together in our worshipping our God through word, worship and corporately, because he is mighty and merciful.

WE REACH IN through consecration, prayer and fasting. This allows God to perfect our spirit.

WE REACH OUT to the lost and hurting by introducing and oftentimes reintroducing salvation. We are not only accountable to Jesus Christ but, also accountable as a church body to ensure we REACH OUT to everyone, everywhere.

At Genesis Worship Center we want our church reflection to mirror the character of Jesus Christ. WE WILL influence and encourage the entire community, city and world one life at a time through bible based teaching, standing by our Christian beliefs and faith, sincere worship, love, prayer, and compassionate care for those in need. So no matter what stage you’re in: Just Starting, Starting Over, Unsure or a Mature Believer, you can find a place here at Genesis.

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