In the Beginning….Our History

February 2003, Pastor George Matthews accepted the call by God to not only Pastor but, also establish Genesis Worship Center. He knew this was not an easy task, the Bay Area was full of thriving churches and ministries but, He KNEW he was called. In obedience and by faith he began to hold Sunday services and Wednesday evening worship services at various locations.

April 2003, Genesis Worship Center held the “official” first service of at the Oakland Airport Holiday Inn. Hundreds of people attended the service and numerous joined the church that day, launching Genesis to the next level. A combination of anointed word and powerful worship experience cultivated a foundation for holy, righteous living and transformed lives. It wasn’t long that people began to take notice that the Genesis Worship Center was here to stay!

June 2003, In a matter of months God once again provided favor by moving Genesis into a new place of worship in the Snow Building at the Oakland Zoo. Over 300 people attended the first Sunday service held in the new location and God began to send additional laborers to assume leadership positions and people to assist in all areas of the ministry. God met ALL our needs from finances, sound equipment, instruments, choir robes even church transportation making it possible for further church growth. During the services, the Holy Spirit continued to move and people were being saved, healed, delivered, set free and transformed. The church continued to grow, and soon outgrow the building and moved into a new location.

October 2003, the Wings of Love building in Oakland became the next location of worship for Genesis Worship Center. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, over 25 ministries were established which included:

  • Powerful evangelism ministry.
  • Dynamic foundation classes for new members.
  • Anointed Sunday school.
  • Enhancing bible study with the development of the Bible Institute.
  • Youth ministry.
  • A flourishing anointed music ministry that has recorded with artists such as Marvin Sapp, Pastor Shirley Caesar and Dr. Judith McAllister.

As the Word of God went forth Genesis continued to grow!

December 2005, God’s favor shone once again upon Genesis Worship Center! In just two years of ministry, it was selected from among 17 churches to purchase a 16,000 square foot church at 2708 Ritchie Street Oakland, Ca. God sent laborers to help renovate the interior and exterior of the building with new restrooms, dining hall, overflow area, chandeliers, seating, carpeting, state of the art video technology, air conditioning and a brand new parking lot, transforming it to a immaculate place of worship. The first service in our new building took place on December 31, 2005.

2006-2015 and beyondIF HAD NOT BEEN FOR THE LORD! God continues to move mightily in our midst, by saving souls, transforming lives and adding to the church. We once again completed a full church renovation of the Ritchie location with new floors in the sanctuary, new restrooms, and new office for our Pastor, and other areas. Genesis Worship Center is continually expanding its ministries and church. We and will continue to give God glory and grow in what he has for us!

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